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Poly Media

The Sex and Love Handbook:

Oct 27 2015
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- Polyamory! Bisexuality! Swingers! Spirituality! (& Even) Monogamy! a Practical Optimistic Relationship Guide

Make way for the next sexual revolution! Plenty of books describe the mechanics of sex but barely scratch the surface. The Sex and Love Handbook explores the most sensual sexual organ: the human brain.

Explore the emotions, philosophies, risks and rewards of reaching toward your next sexual level. Nothing is out of bounds except dishonesty and hypocrisy. Learn how to be more fulfilled and to better fulfill your lover(s). Discover the ultimate sexual YOU, and make it a reality.

The book is fantastic.

--Tony Lanzaratta, NASCA International

Your book was fun to read! I felt like I was having a conversation.

--Melissa Me of PolyChi


Additional Info

  • Category: Non Fiction
  • First Published: 2004
  • Author: Kris A. Heinlein, Rozz M. Heinlein
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