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Madame President’s Message, 2015.

    As reelected Madame President of PolyOz & PolyFi@AGM Sept 11th 2015, I am excited and delighted to be at the helm of the good ship PolyOz again. 

Some PolyOz history: 


  1. In September, 2005, at the Beyond Monogamy reunion and poly gathering at Kyneton picnic barbecue park, various groups came together to reenergise the Victorian poly movement. This created the momentum to bring PolyOz into being.
  2. On January 26th, 2006, the PolyOz website had 2000 hits, and 15,000 ‘look ins’a month. 
  3. On 20th June, 2006, we became incorporated. Our first AGM elected me as the first President of PolyOz.
  4. Many social events later, including a Pirate party, beach/spa parties, pizza nights, picnics and sausage sizzles, we are still standing with more to come. 
  5. We have co-hosted seven Poly rural camps, and held camps on Melbourne Cup weekends and Queen’s birthdays. By popular demand we had a New Year’s Camp on 2014 and are having another one this year in 2015
  6. We liaised at Confest starting in 2007 and did the same in the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras three years ago; likewise Sex Geeks Victoria, PolyVic, and other poly groups in Adelaide and Sydney.
  7. Positive Poly media attention: Newspaper articles. Some of our members have been interviewed by newspapers that wrote positive stories. We were also approached by Woman’s Day in August, 2006, and 60 Minutes in March, 2007. Both organisations failed to follow through with any stories. We can only assume that the material provided to them was not sensational enough for their audiences. 


We are a non-profit, education, and information on-line resource; non-members are free to contribute articles on an easy to use, streamlined website. So keep in touch!


Have a Merry/Pagan Xmas and New Year. Stay/play safe and sensible. 

PS This is posted very late; you'll be happy to know that the New Year's event was much more low key than last year, but there was a much more relaxed and layback atmosphere. The numbers were about half the number of campers that there were last year but quite a few people dropped in for a few hours and then left over the course of the weekend. Considering the heat, it was a wonder that anybody turned up. 

Gary's place is getting better and better. The hot tub was in a new spot just a few meters from a floating jetty sitting in the dam. The new expanded deck is just a wonderful place to eat, talk and socialise in a marvelous rural setting. We can only hope that Gary is prepared to extend his hospitality in the future.


Thank you all,


Pres. Helen