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- - On the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy!                       

The 4th International Academic Polyamory Conference is happening on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, California, Feb 13-15, 2015 [The official name is "The International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy". (Last chance for the discount registration fee - price goes up again in four days!).

The main focus of this event is upon academic/scientific presentations, but anyone interested in matters related to polyamory and consensual nonmonogamy is invited to attend! Lots of NEW information and fresh perspectives. EXAMPLE: Most Americans presume the main force pushing monogamy on everyone else is Christian Fundementalism. If so, then what's it like to be polyamorous in Japan - or Israel - where Christian fundementalism is virtually non-existent? How do people feel about polyamory in a place like Nepal, where the traditional culture has always permitted - (and sometimes demanded) - that women to have two or more simultaneous husbands? What do the French and Italian social scientists have to say about consensual nonmonogamy? Many poly folk presume polyamory is a purely white, middle class, suburban phenomena - but what do African Americans have to say about all this? is there polyamory in Latin America? Anarchists and New Age gurus have written much about polyamory - but what do serious psychological researchers and social scientists think about consensual nonmonogamy? Many folks still naively imagine polyamory was invented in California in the 1990s - but what do historians say about that? What is the real history of polyamory - and what's likely to go in the future?

Although SOME of these presentations may be a little too cerebral for some people, most of them are not. Last year, even most non-academic types found most of them quite interesting and informative. (It was intriguing to discover there are active polyamory-type movements in most European countries, Australia, and elsewhere in the world, and that in at least SOME of these places, the resistance to consensual nonmonogamy is not quite as intense, or at least does not take the same form - as in the United States. Good to get some fresh perspectives.


Most of the presenter spots are spoken for, but we have room for a FEW more! A link to the formal call for papers is displayed below:©ownerid=72609

Note also that there is also a track of "Public Education " presentations, geared more for the general public and the regular polyamorous crowd. These include topics of interest to poly people, such as dealing with jealousy, communication issues, relationship skills, STDs, and other practical issues. Lots of fun and interesting stuff here! Its a good, safe place to meet and interact with a large number of other people with a serious interest in things like polyamory, open relationships, and consensual nonmonogamy. These public education sessions turned out to be VERY popular last year. We had a packed house for these public education sessions, and people had a great time. Looks like its shaping up to be even more fun this year.

There will be seven sessions this year. The Friday night session (Feb 13) is specifically geared towards Psychology/Social workers/Therapist types and medical professionals, but anyone is welcome to attend.

The main academic sessions are on Saturday, Feb 14. This is the main core of the event. NOTE: Student presentations are also very welcome!

Notice also that this year we are also having a session for presentations related to Folklore/Mythology/Media studies, and another session devoted to historical/humanities studies as well.

There will also be an Art Exhibition on Friday afternoon, Feb 13, consisting of art objects related to the theme of consensual nonmonogamy. If you have created such a work of work and wish to display it, please contact us. If you know other artists who create art with such themes, please pass this information along.

The political conclave and sessions related to poly-activism are all happening on Sunday (FEB 15). The Political session is being run as a distinct event through a separate website and has a separate registration fee, but it happens nearby on the same weekend. We are still recruiting presenters for this section, so if you have an interest in participating or assisting with the construction of this event, please do contact us ASAP. :
[As of now, the website still mostly reflects last year's conclave, but it will be gradually updated as things come together]


In previous years, a variety of "impromptu" poly-related meetings, parties, and other events were instigated at places nearby the conference site to take advantage of the presence of the influx of a couple hundred people interested in consensual nonmonogamy who happen to be in town for the few days before, during and after the formal conference. Many of these participants come from far away, arrive a few days early, and stay for a few days afterwards, specifically with the intent of visiting friends, making new contacts, exploring the local area, and checking out the local poly community. For instance, several BAY Area poly, tantra, BDSM etc groups intentionally scheduled local meetings on the Thursday just before and the Sunday & Monday & Tuesday, and Wednesday evening just after the conference, and invited conference attendees to attend. People scheduled potlucks, cuddle parties, and jealousy management classes during the same time frame. These were all independent of the official conference, but the effort turned out to be very successful, and the trend seems to be accelerating. [Some are free, some are not]. If you or your group wants to organize or host such an ancillary event, if you let us know in advance, we can pass the information along to the conference participants.

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