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St Valentine’s message from Madame Pres. (Helen)


Hot Summer Greetings! Hope everyone’s good and staying hydrated because St. Valentine’s day is coming. 


It could be new love, true love, or old love, bold love…or maybe you have a crush? I had a St. Valentine’s crush not so long ago, and I dared to let him know via a text message; I admitted my attraction and asked him out for a coffee date. 


But, alas, a cruel joked was played upon me. His work mate answered the text pretending to be my crush and said, yeah, it would be great to go out for a date. 


Then, some time later, my hopes were dashed. The crush texted back and said it wasn’t him that sent the message, and declined the coffee date. I was disappointed but, I honoured the St Valentine’s tradition of being a romantic and texted him saying, that’s OK, I can take a joke too. 


We’re still friends and I’m not ashamed of revealing my own feelings on that day. So, yeah. Take a punt on your passionate feelings and reveal them. But realise that it is your own self that is the romantic and that the other may not respond the way you wish. 


There is a funky new song out on JJJ Radio: “I don’t know about you but I just can’t get enough of myself!”It always cheers me up to hear these lyrics, and I am happily engaged with me, myself and I!!! The occasional crush makes me feel humorously human, passionate and alive. 


As a poly hedonist, I am not interested in roses, diamond rings, promises and sweet nothings! But, I like chocolate!


All great artists, poets, romantics, philosophers etc. need a muse and also need to be amused. So express yourself to another, or just be yourself and have a great St Valentine’s day any day of the year.




What’s more popular than St Valentine’s Day? The Chinese New Year of the Monkey.
What does the Monkey stand for? The key word is ‘fantasy’. Here’s some more: clever and resourceful; lively and agile; likes talking and competition. Loves laughing but never at own expense. Intelligent and adaptable, quick witted but unscrupulous, selfish and devious. If needed, can be diplomatic and tactful. Likes a crowd. Readily falls in love, but too unstable to find happiness. So check out the animal within and be good and safe for the rest of the year. 


Helen (Madame Pres.)





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