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                                                                                    Getting Together


    At least one international urban planner has said that Victoria is better organized for polyamory than other places that he goes to on a regular basis; places such as Spain, for example. 


    Spain has been a favored destination for a particularly raunchy type of British tourism for decades now, so that speaks volumes for the kind of places that Victoria and Melbourne have become.


    PolyVic has been going for years now, and that organization must take the credit for making face-to-face contact possible for a growing number of people who want to meet others who are interested in polyamory as a lifestyle.


    We should make it clear that PolyVic and PolyFi are community organizations run by the members. This is something very different to a site using the word “polyamory”, or something very like it, to attract customers to a dating site.   


    We don’t do social interaction much at PolyFi, though it has to be noted that there is quite a bit of cross membership with PolyVic. Gary Hillier, for example, has provided his place as a venue for all sorts of polyamory social gatherings over the years. As a matter of fact, Gary’s place is almost becoming an alternative Confest venue for the polyamory crowd at New Year. Gary’s contribution over the years has been duly recognized by PolyVic, and rightly so.

    The message to people in Victoria who are interested in meeting people who like polyamory is this: they should go to the PolyVic website and check out the calendar, and note the dates and locations for social activities. That might not sound like much, but it could be a brand new beginning for you.  


    People in regional areas or other capital cities have PolyVic as a model if they want to do something similar. Be aware that creating an organization that enables face-to-face contact carries legal liability in the State of Victoria. PolyVic have repeatedly chosen to incorporate as a non-profit organization to best deal with the kinds of situations that can happen when people get together.


    Browsing through the polyamory offerings in other States seems to show that choosing to incorporate might have been in the too hard basket for at least one or two groups in the past. As a result, there are polyamory websites still on the web that are now defunct.


    At the moment, we are trying to get in touch with the various polyamory websites in Australia. We’ll get back to you with more information.











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