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 ‘Sex geek’ or ‘sex nerd’ is an identification used by many people in the sex-positive community to describe their unusual, academic, and/or voracious interest in sexual knowledge. This interest extends well beyond that which would simply improve one’s own sex life. While clearly this kind of scholarship would likely lead to better sex for the individual, sex geeks like to learn about sex for the sake of learning about sex. There are sex geek groups around the world in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and the USA. Find them through

The Bendigo sex geeks meet monthly and are organised mostly via a Facebook page. It is a closed group, and if you would like to join ask via Facebook. Sometimes we meet in a pub, sometimes in a private home and we try to vary the activities. In October we had a book night where people were asked to bring a book that related to sex. We discussed the different books and how they had influenced our lives, or what it was about why we liked them. It was a great way to reflect on formative experiences, learn new things and admire gorgeous erotic drawings.

some of the books that had influenced our lives

some of the books that had influenced our lives


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