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Q: What is “speed dating”? 

A: Basically, it’s what dating should be: meeting new people for a few hours in a situation where you really do get to meet everyone; and interact with the kind of people that you might like to be with.

  - polyfido


If you have come to this article from the social activity page of PolyFi, please note that referring people to the articles on the front page is the best way I have found to get news out to folks. The notes on the social activity page don’t have much space, so we have to go somewhere else to inform people at length as to what is happening. This is that space; at least, for now.

    So it might pay to make it a habit to check out the “articles” on the front page because you might just find that the “articles” are really news items. This could be an important way for you to get up to the minute info; details about things that could make a very positive improvement to your life. This could be one of those “articles”.

    We put in an article about the Speed Dating event that happened on the 16th and 17th of April. It was an advertisement for the events as much as anything else. I checked, and no one found out about the event here, on the PolyFi site. That was the situation for the second event, at least. However, if the ad in Polyfi was in any way a factor in your going to the first event, we would like to know about it, please. 

    Two of us from the PolyFi committee went to the second event. (That’s the 3:00PM start event for the over forties). And this is my feedback: I had never been to a “speed dating” event before, and this is a first impression, without doing any research about this kind of thing at all.

    There was champagne on offer at the start; this helped to break the ice probably better than, say, a coffee or a tea. I think that it was a really brilliant way to start things.

Enjoy a Valentine's Day Gathering

Having a romantic lunch or a heart-warming dinner on Valentine's Day (Saturday 14 February)? 

(Or wishing that you were doing either one?)

In the afternoon, why not join a fun discussion about love, relationships and the holiday that is dedicated to them both?

Come to the Bayswater Youth Hall, at the corner of Station Street and Pine Road.  It's on between 1pm and 3pm, right across the street from the Bayswater train station, at the corner of Station Street and Pine Road.
(Note:  Bayswater is inland, about 30km due east of Melbourne's CBD, between Ringwood and Ferntree Gully.)

Of course, you're most welcome to bring partners and friends along, too.

It's on again by popular demand...!!! and in leiu of Confest - the ultimate alternative lifestyle fest which has been cancelled this year.... So we are bringing it back... all the best of confest and camping, poly friendly village, families and pets welcome... ...


Hot Tub under the stars, hot shower & toilets available, plenty of shade set on a picturesque 10 acre farmlet in Mandurang, walking distance to Lynnvale Winery, kangaroos & donkies,, bushwalking, camp cooking plus farm activites. Cooking gear, pots, pans, dishes, BBQ, fridge etc provided......


*** Your hosts; HELEN & GARY ***

Location : 64 Pentlands Road, Mandurang. Bendigo, Vic


Tues 30th Dec to Sat 3rd of Jan.... 2014 - 2015
more info join our PolyOz Group on the PolyFi web site:

sex geekdom

 ‘Sex geek’ or ‘sex nerd’ is an identification used by many people in the sex-positive community to describe their unusual, academic, and/or voracious interest in sexual knowledge. This interest extends well beyond that which would simply improve one’s own sex life. While clearly this kind of scholarship would likely lead to better sex for the individual, sex geeks like to learn about sex for the sake of learning about sex. There are sex geek groups around the world in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and the USA. Find them through

The Bendigo sex geeks meet monthly and are organised mostly via a Facebook page. It is a closed group, and if you would like to join ask via Facebook. Sometimes we meet in a pub, sometimes in a private home and we try to vary the activities. In October we had a book night where people were asked to bring a book that related to sex. We discussed the different books and how they had influenced our lives, or what it was about why we liked them. It was a great way to reflect on formative experiences, learn new things and admire gorgeous erotic drawings.