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    What we have tried to do so far this year is get in touch with the A list podcasters on polyamory as defined by iTunes. Remarkably, this is quite a short list. If you want to see the list look at our article on X rated Podcasts or go to iTunes. 

    We asked them for a personal list of podcast topics on polyamory. A couple of people got back to us with suggestions and we are certainly going to give them credit for their interest in our endeavours.

    This is not to say that the other A listers are trying to snub us. Podcasting is a labour of love and very few people cover expenses, let alone make a dollar. Yet the amount of work people people put in can be staggering. Check the iTunes lists and you will see that some people have recorded hundreds of podcasts. Some A listers have millions of downloads. Imagine the feedback from that.

    In any case, this year we will have a list of polyamory podcasts up and running soon.

    One of the problems that we have in spreading the message about polyamory in regional Australia is that most folks in 'the bush' don't have decent internet access.

    We think that podcasts could be especially important for those people. They can leave the computer to download the podcasts and just get on with doing something else in the meantime. When they have the podcast on their hard drive, they can listen to it whenever they like on whatever they like: the computer, the smart phone, the MP3 player or whatever.

    There is a huge amount of material to select from and we will be selecting what we think are the best podcasts; the ones that will give you a good grasp of polyamory in the shortest possible time, without having to read heaps of books.




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