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This is a list of sexuality related podcasts taken from the offerings on iTunes. It is, in fact, the complete list of podcasts on iTunes that were available at the time.  Most of them are listed as 'explicit' materials. That means adults only, X rated material about sex. Be warned!

This list covers thousands of sexually related topics. I haven't listened to them all, but  the episodes I have listened to were worth listening to. Only some of the topics relate to polyamory, which is what this website is about.

 We at PolyFi honestly believe that most people would be better off in a polyamorous situation. Having said that, we realise that this is a very hard thing to achieve; and it is something that only a minority of people think that they can do, or want to do.

 This list is for those people who want to know more about sexual options in general without necessarily committing to doing anything about it. It's all information, not advice. What you do with it is up to you.

 OK, sex is great, no question. But there are more important things: companionship, friendship, love and children. So cherish these things if you have them.

 We hope this list of podcasts helps you to make more informed choices about relationships, sex, and life in general. Hopefully, at least some of this info will assist you to see what is out there without literally becoming an incurable romantic. It's a big bad world. Good people get caught up in bad situations all the time. Use your judgement.

iTunes podcast list

This list is in no particular order or significance.
Everything here is free.
If you've never listened to a podcast before, copy and paste a title onto a web browser and a selection of podcasts will come up.


  •  Ending the Sexual Dark Age
  •  Erotic Awakening
  •  Mistress Matisse
  •  Pedestrian Polyamory
  •  Polyamory Weekly
  •  Sex Nerd Sandra
  •  Sex Out Loud
  •  The Shame Free Zone

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