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PeterRabbito Discussion started by PeterRabbito 3 years ago
Hello Everyone,

I'm Paul, known here as Peter Rabbito.

I'm based in Brisbane, having moved back here 6 months ago after four years in Melbourne chasing the higher contracting rates in IT Consulting.

I've been philosophically polyamorous for about 5 years, actively polyamorous for 2, publicly openly polyamorous for 1 and currently don't have any partners. I'm currently at the end of a marriage to someone who is strictly monogamous. I have three children, a 13yo boy, a 10yo girl and a 6yo boy.

I'm very much an open book and don't have any major secrets as I believe that ultimately, honesty is the best policy long term. The reason I have an alias on here and everywhere in social media as Peter Rabbito is enable me to be open in my private life without worrying that all my professional contacts are casually browse my personal life. Everyone in my personal life knows me as Peter Rabbito on social media. 

Strangely enough, although I'm polyamorous, I also have a strong Christian faith. Both of those things don't fit together traditionally, but I'm a free thinker and find no inconsistency between them. My parents raised me as a Christian since they were missionaries in South America and Dad is still an Anglican priest. - They're convinced I've gone off the rails, I'm convinced they're conservative sheep. :)

So that's me. - How about you?