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About Polyamory

An insight into the lifestyle

“Polyfidelity 101 – An Introduction” is a series of 10 one-page articles about alternative lifestyles.  It has something of a bias towards the high-commitment and low-promiscuity form of ethical non-monogamy known as polyfidelity.  But similar lifestyles will be covered, with links to resources.

Each Topic in the series will be introduced during its own month of 2015, in the Polyfi  Newsletter.  So it's a good idea to subscribe to this group.  Some time after each Newsletter, the latest article will be added to the Polyfidelity Australia website.

The areas we'll cover are:  Essential things to consider while reading this series.  Some important concepts common to most types of intimate relationships.  Relationship resources – especially for Australians.  An overview of the most popular alternative lifestyles.  Some history and perspective points on modern lifestyles.  Polyamory and polyfidelity, the differences and similarities.  The pros and cons of ethical non-monogamy.  The PolyOz organisation and the Polyfidelity Australia website, as resources for you.  The next steps the authors will take, and where to for you the reader.

This Series is only humorously titled to resemble a formal course.  It won't get you any credits anywhere, it doesn't have any tests or quizzes, and hopefully you'll enjoy it a lot more than school.  On the other hand:  The principle author is Carl Turney, who has two formal teaching qualifications and nearly two decades of lecturing in the private, TAFE, and university sectors – on completely different subjects.  He has also been “polyfidelitous” since well before that word was even coined, and has (co)founded five different poly-oriented educational and social support groups in three different countries.

Hope you're looking forward to next month's instalment!

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