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Bendigo Quiet? Started by Tastiger Thursday, 02 March 2017 6 Replies
Speed Dating? Started by Tastiger Thursday, 21 April 2016 0 Replies
Looking for meeting dates Started by Tastiger Tuesday, 26 January 2016 4 Replies
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Tastiger replied to Bendigo Quiet? 1 month ago

OK folks after some discussion it looks as if the AGM will be held on 19th August after which there will be a combined FTF (face to face) get...

Tastiger replied to Bendigo Quiet? 2 months ago

Yes - used to get a lot of that on here but seems to have slowed down now, what I have done is made a couple of sub-domains that point to this group...

Gabriella replied to Bendigo Quiet? 2 months ago

In terms of the privacy of Facebook, my thought was maybe to make both a public group and a hidden group. When someone finds and asks to join the...

Tastiger replied to Bendigo Quiet? 2 months ago

That sounds like it could be a plan and have a link to this group, my only issue with Facebook is that everything is out there for all to see, when...

Gabriella replied to Bendigo Quiet? 2 months ago

I think that making this group private is not a good idea, it was hard enough to find. Aside from my vee, I have only found one open couple and one...

Tastiger replied to Bendigo Quiet? 2 months ago

I received a note from one of the group's members and this is the basic gist of it:-

Tastiger posted a new discussion2 months ago

Bendigo Quiet?

As Bendigo is so quiet at the moment and we wait to see when something can be organized by the committee, I suggest that the only thing keeping...

PolyOz Bendigo (BFTFTF)

Hi Im new here. i'm really just looking for new friends that are non judgmental and nose turny uppy about the way my life is. i live in the kyneton... Show more

Gabriella Hi, welcome. The Bendigo area is very quiet. There is a lot of poly people in Melbourne though. 2 months ago
SunTree ok thanks heaps for the tip 2 months ago
Tastiger posted a new announcement8 months ago

Committee for 2016 - 2017

President Melonh Vice President Helenm Secretary Polyfido Treasurer the_carl_turney Public Relations / Liaison lindathestar General Committee...

PolyOz Bendigo (BFTFTF)
admin posted a new announcement10 months ago

PolyOz Annual General Meeting

Dear Officers and Members of... PolyOz - Polyamory Resources Australia Inc. PolyFi This is to announce the Annual General...

PolyOz Bendigo (BFTFTF)
Tastiger posted a new announcement12 months ago

PolyOz Bendigo Gathering

Great news we are organizing to get our gatherings back up and running. At this stage the next gathering should be the middle of next month on a...

PolyOz Bendigo (BFTFTF)
Tastiger posted a new discussion1 year ago

Speed Dating?

Q: What is “speed dating”? A: Basically, it’s what dating should be: meeting new people for a few hours in a situation where you really do get to...

PolyOz Bendigo (BFTFTF)
Tastiger replied to Looking for meeting dates 1 year ago

I'll send out a message to the committee and stir them up, see if we can't get some action going on, they've been slack lately...

I agree. A camp night, before it gets too cold wouldn't be such a bad idea either. However, how do we get in contact with other members? It doesn't...

Tastiger replied to Looking for meeting dates 1 year ago

Certainly something to look into, however the spa is currently out of action until we can get a new pump. Will keep the group posted on progress -...

I was reading through your old posts, and I love the idea of a spa day. Think this could be organised?

Tastiger posted a new discussion1 year ago

Looking for meeting dates

Seems as though we have some new folks in the group, so I'll throw it out there as to what you people think would be the best days and times for...

PolyOz Bendigo (BFTFTF)
admin added a new event to PolyOz Bendigo (BFTFTF) group 1 year ago


BYO Camp Bed Food to share All amenities provided, last year we had 40 attending, half of those female, most were from Melbourne, but we had some...

  • Tuesday, 29 December 2015 08:00
  • 64 Pentlands Rd, Mandurang
Tastiger added a new event to PolyOz Bendigo (BFTFTF) group 2 years ago

New Year Poly Party & Campout

Hot Tub under the stars, hot shower & toilets available, plenty of shade set on a picturesque 10acre farmlet in Mandurang, walking distance to...

  • Tuesday, 30 December 2014 08:00
  • 64 Pentlands Road, Mandurang. Bendigo, Vic.
Tastiger has changed the cover of the group, PolyOz Bendigo (BFTFTF) 2 years ago
Tastiger posted a new announcement3 years ago

Social Gathering?

Hey guys, isn't it time we had another social get together? Been a long time between drinks and now the weather is warmer, the spa is just aching to...

PolyOz Bendigo (BFTFTF)
Tastiger added a photo to Members album in PolyOz Bendigo (BFTFTF) group